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Lamy Pens

Lamy pens are extremely popular with boys at City and for good reason. They mix style and ruggedness and are very smooth to write with. The nibs come with a finish that makes them suitable for left-handers, although Lamy also produce left-handed nibs which are available from the bookshop.
The Bookshop also sells ink cartridges in washable blue and black, as well as ink converters and bottles.
Safari Series
The most popular of the fountain pens we stock. Available in yellow, Neon, red, blue, black, and white finishes.
 Nexx Series
Available in lime, red, yellow, black, blue and Coral.
 Lamy Vista
Lamy Joy
Calligraphy Pen
Model 15
Lamy Joy
Caligraphy Pen
Model 11
Lamy Al-star
Available in Graphite, Purple, Ocean Blue and Ruby
LAMY safari Fountain penLAMY safari Fountain pen
LAMY safari Fountain penLAMY safari Fountain pen
LAMY nexx lime Fountain penLAMY nexx red Fountain pen
  LAMY vista Fountain pen
LAMY joy Fountain pen
LAMY joy AL Fountain pen
LAMY AL-star black purple FüllhalterLAMY AL-star oceanblue Füllhalter