School Recommended Calculators

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Casio FX83GT
Casio FX991ES Plus

Ordering: 020 7489 4769

Casio FX83GT/85GT
The Maths Department at the City of London School recommends the Casio fx83GT and Casio fx85GT (same model but with a solar panel), for use by all OG to 5th Formers. It is essential for the IGCSE but will also do for A Level.
Casio FX991ES PLUS
This calculator also does numerical differentiation and integration as well as complex numbers and hence would be suitable for keen A Level Maths students and Further Maths students.
Casio FX-9860GII
This is the recommended graphic calculator. It will do many of the statistical tests required for Further Maths and will be of help at university level.
Casio FX9860GII

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